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Bulk Up at Whole Foods for Less

October 24, 2014

WFM_PN_ODS_Bulk_10-24_social%5b6%5d%5b1%5dThe Cheap Bastard hates to buy large packages of stuff when he only needs a small amount for a recipe. That’s why he likes stores with bulk bins….even Whole Paycheck…um…er…Whole Foods. And today (10/24) is a good day to hit the bins because all items sold in the grocery bulk departments are 25% off.

I’d stick around and say more, but I gotta go….bulk up.

Don’t Forget About Today’s Free Health Care Clinic (10/23-26)

October 22, 2014

Patient-Flyer-English-772x1024The Cheap Bastard knows he mentioned this last week, but now that it’s just a day away he wants to remind those of you who don’t have much in the way of money/employment and others of you who have been putting off seeing a doctor that there will be a FREE HEALTH CARE CLINIC AT KEY ARENA Thursday (that’s tomorrow) through Sunday.

Based on the information I have from the Key Arena web site, it starts at 5:30 each day. That sounds a bit far-fetched, but the King County Clinic web site about the event says that admission numbers will start being distributed at 3:30 a.m. each day. Remember, it’s first come, first served and the goal is to see at least 1,000 patients per day. Given the sad state of affairs when it comes to access to medical care in this country, I’m willing to bet that far more people than that will show up each day.

Other important stuff to know:

You don’t need ID or proof of citizenship to qualify.
There will be free parking (in the 1st Ave. N and Thomas Street Parking Garage)
All services are free

Please pass this information on to all the people you know who need care. These don’t come around that often and they can make a big difference.

Get Free Music From the Seattle Public Library

October 22, 2014

Here’s something cool for Seattle Public Library cardholders: free music downloads.

As if it weren’t cool enough that you can get free passes to area museums and check out movies for up to two weeks at a time (without a late fee), you can now download up to five tunes a week through the online service Freegal FREE.

In fact, I did just that right before I posted this deal and am currently listening to three songs by one of my favorite local groups, Uncle Bonsai (“The Baby’s Head is an Hexagon,” “Where’s My Puppy?” and “Heaven on Earth”) as well as more recent hits “All About that Base” by Meghan Trainor and “Pompeii” by Bastille.

All you have to do is create your own account on the SPL web site, then do a search for Freegal and pick your favorites. They don’t expire and you can download them to itunes. Check out Freegal to see what’s available.

A Public Service Message About….Ebola

October 20, 2014

The Cheap Bastard isn’t just about saving money. He’s also about providing a public service. Sure, he likes to tell jokes and poke fun at stuff, but there are times when he feels it’s necessary to step into the fray, make a quick, helpful comment, then back away and let the fur fly.

Today is just one such day.

After weeks of hearing everyone whip themselves into a froth over ebola, he felt it was time to put this thing into perspective with a fast, easy quiz for his readers. He truly hopes that the quiz from an actual medical professional will do just that.


That is all. Show’s over. Go on about your business.

It’s Seattle Restaurant Week: 3 Course Lunches For $15

October 20, 2014

imgresThe folks who love Seattle Restaurant Week always sing the praises of the dinner deal where diners can get a three course meal for $30 at some of the city’s finest eateries, but what they often forget to mention is that many of those same restaurants are offering three-course lunches for $15, which is a far more approachable price than $30 later in the evening.

Not all of the 100 or so restaurants involved in the semi-annual restaurant fest are offering lunch, but the list of places to lunch include the Dahlia Lounge, The Georgian, Serafina and Ray’s Cafe. The Seattle Restaurant Week site offers a more complete list for ladies (and others) who lunch.

Who knows? I just might see you there.

And, just in case you were wondering, Seattle Restaurant Week runs Oct. 19-23 and Oct. 26-30.

Drinks 50% Off at Peet’s After Noon All Month

October 17, 2014

141015-keurig-10-offer-billboard-headlineIt’s late, I’m tired and I could really use some caffeine. Too bad the Peet’s Coffee & Tea over in Greenlake isn’t still open. If only it were, I would seriously consider going there and taking advantage of a month long special where you can get any drink for half off after noon (with coupon)

Considering that it’s 10 p.m., I imagine the special would still be going.

Too bad it’s closed. I guess I’ll just have to make it myself. Or I could always go to bed.

Nancy Pearl Live at Bryant Corner Cafe on Tuesdays

October 15, 2014

If you love books, I mean really love books, I was just reminded of a cool free event that just started taking place every Tuesday at the Bryant Corner Cafe.

Nancy Pearl and former KUOW host Steve Scher record a podcast at Bryant Corner Cafe.

Nancy Pearl and former KUOW host Steve Scher record a podcast at Bryant Corner Cafe.

Nancy Pearl, the author of “Book Lust” and the city’s favorite librarian, has begun doing live recordings of her podcast “That Stack of Books” every Tuesday at 10 a.m. The live recordings go an hour and it just so happens that Tuesday is the same day that cookies are half off.

What better way to spend a rainy fall morning than talking about books with Nancy Pearl over a cup of coffee and a cookie?

The Bryant Corner Cafe is located at 3118 NE 65th St.

Although the Cheap Bastard is on assignment next week, he hopes to see you there the following week.

If you want to hear a podcast, check out the first one from the cafe here.


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