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Free Orphans Party at Populuxe Tonight

December 24, 2015

imagesThe holidays can be hell when you’re alone and have no one to hang out with.

I discovered that my first Thanksgiving in Seattle when I was living in the basement of the house that belonged to the editor who had hired and later fired me from my first job here. I had no friends or relatives to be with and I ended up eating Thanksgiving dinner at the King’s Buffet in Ballard all by myself.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the same fate if you’re looking for some place to go on Christmas Eve, thanks to Populuxe Brewing’s first annual Orphan’s Night. It starts at 5 and will feature a potluck, live accoustic music and specially selected beers. There will even be a gift raffle.

Best of all, there’s no admission charge.

It’s free and open to all.

Populuxe is located at 826 NW 49th Street in Ballard.



Free Coffee and Tea at Peet’s

December 24, 2015

Yes, you saw that right. If you happen to be out and about somewhere near Greenlake today, Peet’s continues its tradition of giving out free coffee and tea to all its customers who stop in on December 24th. I was not aware that this was a thing, but apparently it is.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about a fancy latte or chai. We’re just talking about brewed coffee and regular tea. It’s still a great deal, though, if you happen to be walking Greenlake today and are looking for a place for a warm beverage because there’s only one Peet’s in Seattle and it’s just down the street from Spud and Nell’s. There is a Peet’s in Redmond, though.



The Cheap Bastard Is Embarrassed Over Egg Nog Campaign

November 12, 2015

The Cheap Bastard doesn’t often screw up, but when he does, he REALLY screws up.

Such was the case with my call for a pro-Egg Nog campaign at Starbucks so that people who want to cash in on the Buy One holiday drink, get one free happy hour could get an egg nog instead of the three other flavors that the coffee company had been publicizing.

As it turns out, Egg Nog Latte is still on the holiday menu and you can still get it as part of the Happy Hour BOGO deal from 2 to 5 pm at participating stores through Nov. 15th.

The Cheap Bastard stands corrected.

But he still thinks it’s a good idea to tell the cashier that your name is “Mister Nog.”

Buy One Holiday Drink, Get One Free @Starbucks During Happy Hour (11/12-15)

November 12, 2015

97c50d82b83d4e14bf0310fd04b62c7bGo ahead, complain about the color of Starbucks new holiday cup and the fact that it doesn’t say Merry Christmas or Happy Festivus on it. While you’re complaining, I’ll be busy cashing in on the savings during Starbucks Happy Hour this afternoon from 2 to 5 pm when participating Starbuckeries will be offering two holiday beverages for the price of one.

This year’s holiday options are Chestnut Praline Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Caramel Brulee Latte….hey, wait a minute. What happened to Egg Nog? I am a Judeo-Christian-Buddhist-Deist-Agnostic and I demand the right to my egg nog. It is the lord-given right of every man, woman and child in this country to have egg nog at this time of year…or whenever they want it, really, without having to embarrass themselves by ordering a so-called Tom & Jerry. And I think we should all stand up for our rights and not just ask, not just request, but DEMAND our right Noggy goodness whenever we damn well please.

In fact, I’m going to hold Starbucks responsible for the fact that grocery stores and ice cream stands stop selling eg nog ice cream on January 1.


Because they company is big, soulless, non-responsive and doesn’t care what the people want…even though I’m the only person who wants it.

To publicize that fact, I’m going to start a Bring Back the Nog campaign where I embarrass Starbucks into doing it by giving my name as Mr. Nog every time I order a beverage there so that they’ll have to call me Mr. Mog (because they can always be counted on to misspell everyone’s name EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.)

And I think you should, too.

When you participate in Starbucks Happy Hour from 2 to 5 pm now through Nov. 15th. If you are a My Starbucks Reward Member, the deal extends through the 16th. And if your a member of My Nog Rewards Club, you get absolutely nothing…..especially not an egg nog latte.

Veterans Day Freebies for Veterans

November 9, 2015

veterans-day-headline-02.webIf you are in the military service, were in the military service or have a military ID in your pocket, here are some of the many freebies and deals you can get this Wednesday. After all, membership has its priviliges.

Let’s start with Food deals:

Island Crust Cafe — Veterans receive a free meal (worth up to $11) on Veteran’s Day. Island Crust is located at 7525 SE 24th on Mercer Island. (Thanks to G Coskey).

Applebee’s — You can get a free entree from a special menu for veterans and active duty military members.

California Pizza Kitchen — Free entree from special Veterans Day menu.

Chuck E. Cheese’s — Free individual thin and crispy 1 topping pizza with purchase of additional food and coupon.

Claim Jumper — Free entree from special menu on Nov. 9th for veterans.

Denny’s — Free Build Your Own Read more…

U District Haagen Dazs Closing Tonight (11/6) w/blowout sale

November 6, 2015

11013403_1081188421905514_924509538207031947_nThe U District Haagen Dazs is closing tonight and is having a progressive sale until everything’s gone with discounts increasing every hour.

The sale started at 1 pm today with everything 10 percent off. Since it’s 7 p.m. now everything is 60 percent off. At 8 it will be 70 percent off and so on until 10 when everything is 100 percent off.

Of course, I’m sure everything will be long gone by then. In fact, I’m not sure how much is left even now because I couldn’t get close enough when I happened across the sale an hour ago.

The Haagen Dazs is located at 4301 University Way NE.

Free Thanksgiving Tasting Party @Eat Local Downtown/Cap Hill Tonight (11/5)

November 5, 2015

Free samples of food and wine will be on offer tonight at the high end Eat Local grocery stores on Capitol Hill and Downtown Seattle late this afternoon.

You could consider it a preview of what the store will have available for Thanksgiving, but my source tells me the stores will be sampling a cross section of the many different dishes they offer as well as a variety of wines that are just right for this time of year. Chefs will be on hand to answer questions and you’ll even be able to pre-order your holiday meals.

The tasting will run from 5 to 6 at the Downtown Eat Local (405 Union Street) and the tasting at the Capitol Hill location (503 Broadway East) will go from 6:30 to 7:30. So, you could conceivably do both if you’re feeling especially spry and don’t mind a long hike or two hunts for parking in neighborhoods that don’t have much even at the best of times. The Capitol Hill location does offer a free hour of parking with validation in the Joule Parking Garage, but even with that, I probably won’t do both.

I’m just not that ambitious.


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