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Dine Out Vancouver Means Great Dining Deals

January 13, 2016

DOVF16 postcard frontForget about Dine Around the Sound and Seattle Restaurant Week. If you want great dining deals on amazing restaurants, Dine Around Vancouver is the festival for you. Sure, you may have to drive a bit, but the 17-day celebration not only boasts three course meals at $20, $30 and $40 (That’s $14, $21 and $28 US), but there are also lodging deals starting at $80 ($56 US).

Not only that, the celebration starting Jan 15th isn’t just about sitting down and saving on restaurant visits. It also features cool events. Like a Craft Food and Beer pairing tour, a Street Food City, a Brunch Crawl at the Olympic Village, a Food Photography Tour, dinner with a play and even a pizza making master class.

If only his kids were older and able to sit longer, the Cheap Bastard’s family (whatever you do, don’t call them The Bastard Family) would be there in nothing flat.

The event runs from Jan. 15-31st.

Just one quick warning: Many events and restaurant deals may require reservations. Book now.


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