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The Cheap Bastard Gets Busted

December 30, 2015


I am so busted.

Like almost every Wednesday, I went to Bryant Corner Cafe in Wedgwood to get $2 lattes for my wife and me when I shocked my favorite counter people (and the partner of the owner) with a startling admission.

“I don’t like coffee, but it’s such a great bargain, it’s hard to pass up.”

I immediately realized I’d said the wrong thing, but the words were already out of my mouth. While it is true that I don’t like straight coffee, I do like fraps, mochas and coffee drinks that have a lot of milk and flavoring in them, which is why I always get my latte with hazelnut syrup in it. Of course, it also helps that Bryant Corner uses really, really good coffee.

And then there are the people who work there. They’re so happy and friendly that I always look forward to the chance to sneak away not just for a good deal, but also for a little bit of friendly banter.

It’s my place where everybody knows my name. You could say it’s my version of “Cheers.” It’s just that it happens to be a bakery and restaurant…that also happens to have good deals every day of the week.

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