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Baskin Robbins Fire Sale and the Cheap Bastard

September 21, 2015

MediaHandlerNever one to miss a sale, the Cheap Bastard drove to the Laurelhurst Baskin Robbins minutes after it opened its doors this morning and was greeted by a Cheap Bastard reader who had just purchased an ice cream cake for 30 percent off regular price.

Although I originally just planned to go with a loved one to buy a cone (buy one, get one free), I, too, was moved to buy an ice cream cake. A small, round one with white cake and Gold Medal ice cream in it. Regularly priced at $27, we got it for $18.90. Yes, a little more than we would usually spend for any type of cake, but it was for a special occasion.

The store also had pints and quarts 2 for the price of one.

So, there’s a lot of savings to be had.

When I got there this morning, it seemed like a great place to take your kids for a cheap treat after school. Several hours later, however, I’m not sure how the stock is holding up. Still, it couldn’t hurt to do a drive-by gawking just in case.

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