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EMP Celebrates 15 With Free Admission For Seattleites

June 22, 2015

imgresIf you have a valid ID showing that you live in Seattle, the EMP will let you in free all day Tuesday, June 23rd as it celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe the monstrosity at the Seattle Center is 15. It seems like just yesterday that the architect was bragging about how he came up with the design. It seems he decided to take some popular model of electric guitar (I think it was a Fender Stratocaster, but I’m not sure), chop it up and put it back together again. While he was bragging that the result became the basis for this great design, I was thinking it was a testament to his inability to fix crap that he broke, but hey, that’s just me.

Regardless, the inside does have its merits even if I do refer to it as “the gift that Paul Allen gave the city of Seattle for which he charges a $20 entry fee.”

Gee, David, tell us how you really feel.

Now that I’ve said all that I feel compelled to point out that Seattleites will get more than just free admission to the museum Tuesday.

Other festivities include architecture tours of the blob…er…building, live performances from some of the folks who have appeared in the Sound Off! competition such as Emma Lee Toyoda, Bleachbear and Champagne Babylon (Don’t ask me, I haven’t heard of them, either); chances to take selfies in TARDIS from Dr. Who and the Command Chair from Star Trek; pop culture games and other family activities; and appearances by the Sea Gals, Jet City Saber Guild and R2D2.

Perhaps the biggest draw, though, could be a chance to see the new exhibit, “What’s Up Doc: The Animation Art of Chuck Jones” for free.

Thanks to Queen Anne View.

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