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Lunchbox Laboratory: Dads With Mustaches Eat Free on Dad’s Day

June 19, 2015

LBL-Fathers-Day-for-web-May-2015-427x639Or, as the poster puts it, Mustaches Eat Free at Lunchbox Laboratory on Father’s Day.

I guess the theory here is that if you have a mustache and you’re a dad, you can eat free.

If you’re face isn’t so hirsute and you lack the required mustache, don’t worry. One will be provided for you. A cardboard one, I suppose.

Nowhere on the poster does it say what you have to do to be eligible other than have a mustache. Except being a dad. Heck, it doesn’t even say you have to bring in your kids, a photo of you with your cards or even some evidence proving you’re a man.

So, theoretically, if you’re a woman with a mustache, you may also qualify.

I’m sure having a really deep voice will help regardless of your gender.

Lunchbox Laboratory is located in Seattle, Bellevue and Gig Harbor.

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