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Check Out a WiFi Hotspot From Seattle Public Library….Free

May 19, 2015

hotspot-logo_425Yes, I mean that literally. You can now check out a WiFi hotspot from the Seattle Public Library for free….as long as you Seattle Public Library card. reports that branch libraries are divvying up 150 hotspots that are available for all library patrons to check out thanks to a $225,000 grant from Goggle. It’s all part of an effort to introduce hotspots and laptops to folks who need them the most including immigrants and refugees who might not otherwise have internet access. The city also expects to offer 75 laptops coupled with hotspots by July.

You just check them out as you would any other item the library offers. The Verizon-powered devices are expected to last about 20 hours on one charge and they can be checked out for up to three weeks at a time. They are also programmed to de-activate 24 hours after their due date.  There’s a $200 fee if the device is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Is this a great city or what?

Thanks to Myballard.

For more details about the program, see the library website.

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