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You’re Not Too Young To Get Senior Discounts

February 17, 2015

AARP Real Possibilities cardThe Cheap Bastard knows that many of his readers are young whipper-snappers like he is (relatively speaking), but he has come to realize that senior citizenship is a state of mind…in a good way.

For example, a friend of his who is about to turn 50 says she has been getting senior discounts at a local movie theater for quite some time because the folks at the box office think she’s older than she is. She doesn’t look particularly older, mind you, she just has blonde hair and wears a certain type of eyeglass frame that teens at this theater must make people think she’s older than she is. So, when she went to buy a ticket, the clerk asked her if she wanted a senior discount (which meant a substantially cheaper ticket), so she said yes and she’s been getting the discount ever since.

In fact, a few years back, the clerk at a local Orowheat Outlet store asked if I was eligible for the senior discount and I foolishly said no because I wasn’t even 50.

The reason I mention all this is that senior discounts start earlier than you think. Some places offer them once you turn 50, as I have done. Others offer them for folks aged 60 or 65. So you may want to check while dining, booking travel, shopping or getting medicine.

Of course, there are also plenty of dining deals and EatDrinkDeals says there are plenty of great discounts for members of (gasp) AARP, which I’m still considering joining. The offers include deals at the following places:

DENNY’S — AARP members get 15% off their check every day, all day long through March 6th.

DUNKIN’ DONUTS — Show your card and get a free donut when you buy a large or extra large beverage.

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE — 15% off your bill at lunch every day and Mondays through Thursdays. Offer does not include alcohol, taxes or tip.

Some deals are short-term, subject to participation and could end at any time. So you should call before you go.

The EatDrink posting says that AARP members also get 10% discounts at a wide range of other restaurants including:

Bubba Gump
Chart House
Claim Jumper Restaurant
McCormick & Schmick’s
The Oceanaire Seafood Room
Rainforest Cafe

For the full list and more details, head to the AARP discount page.

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