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$1 Paseo Sandwiches for Students at UW Today 11:30-1 (2/11)

February 11, 2015

Cashing in on today’s deal for a $1 Caribbean Roast sandwich is a bit complicated, so you may want to go to udistrictdaily for more information, but here’s the scoop.

Spoonrocket, a company that does on demand delivery to college students (and others, I guess) is celebrating its launch in Seattle by offering $1 Caribbean Roast sandwiches from one of Seattle’s best loved sandwich spots, Paseo, for delivery to UW students between 11:30 and 1 today, while supplies last. All students have to do is order via or download the company’s app. Once you do so, you should receive Paseo’s famed sandwich featuring slow-roasted pork coated in Paseo marinade within 10 minutes or so, give or take.

The sandwich usually costs $8.50 and if you were to order from spoonrocket any other day, there would also be a $3.50 delivery fee. But today, there’s a special just for you.

While the Cheap Bastard does not know if spoonrocket is checking student ids, he’s pretty sure the way the company is limiting the deal is by limiting the delivery area to the UW. He does not know if that means that staff and professors may also qualify for the deal as well.

You may want to contact spoonrocket for more information.

If you don’t live on the UW campus, but know a student you should call them up now and let them know about this amazing deal…unless they don’t eat pork. If they don’t eat pork, they probably shouldn’t bother.

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