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Don’t Miss These Birthday Deals

February 5, 2015

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Free sandwiches, snacks, drinks and desserts. These are the things of birthday deals that we all promise ourselves we’ll sign up for each year before our birthday, yet, somehow we forget to do it.

Since it’s just early February, it’s not too late for most of us to sign up….except for people like my Mother-in-law who have already celebrated their birthday.

So, if you haven’t already signed up, now’s your chance to sign up for deals that include a free Roast Beef Sandwich at Arby’s, a free scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins or Ben & Jerry’s, a free entree at Chevys Fresh Mex, a free smallish Blizzard at DQ and for those of you who love the early bird special there’s even a free Magnificent Seven breakfast at Perkins.

To see the whole list of deals at restaurants all across the country, check out the posting on eatdrinkdeals.

Who knows? If you play your cards right on your special day, you won’t have to eat at home at all while you celebrate the wonder that is you.

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