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Superbowl Round-up: Free Popcorn, Cake and Air Fare Discounts

January 27, 2015


I always thought my mom was technologically challenged, but after passing the Safeco Building this afternoon, I realized she was just ahead of her time. I mention this because I was initially freaked out when I passed the building on the freeway at shortly before 11 this morning and noticed that the clock said it was 12:12. Fearing I somehow had gone from being early for my meeting to more than an hour late, I looked at the clock in my car and realized Safeco’s 12:12 was just a nod to the Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man.

My mom also had a clock that flashed 12:12 all the time. How was I to know she was such a big Seattle Seahawks fan?

Of course, she never deliberately watched a moment of football in her life, she lived in Florida and the clock I’m referring to was on her VCR, but who am I to judge? I discovered lots of things I didn’t know about her after she died. Maybe this is just another one of her secrets.

Even if she wasn’t a fan, she would have loved some of the latest deals that are popping up in the days before the big game. The current mix includes:

DISCOUNTED AIR FARES ON ALASKA AIRLINES. You can get 12 percent off all flights in and out of Washington state between Feb. 12 and March 18th…as long as you book online by Jan. 31 and use the discount code: GORUSSELL

FREE TWELFIE SUNGLASSES. If you missed your chance to get free sunglasses in Seahawks colors at Top Pot on Monday, never fear. As long as you don’t mind an early morning freebie run, you can still give a donation to Northwest Harvest and get the glasses at a couple of locations in Western Washington between 6:30 and 9:30 am. On Wednesday, the giveaway will be at Tulalip Casino, 10200 Quil Ceda Blvd in Tulalip; Thursday at Eastside Harley, 14408 NE 20th St. in Bellevue; Friday at Stadium Place, 521 Stadium Place S. in Seattle.

FREE SLICE OF CAKE at Ballard’s Cupcake Royale for Seahawks fans on Friday at 5 p.m. There will be celebrity cake cutters on hand.

FREE POPCORN at KuKuRuza Popcorn in Ballard all day long Friday for folks sporting Seahawks gear. It’s a small bag of Beast Corn featuring lime and blueberry flavors. Supplies are limited.

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