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Save $1 Off Per Pound on Cat Adoptions This Month

January 12, 2015

ChubbyCat2014_FB1_3I know it’s early yet, but here’s one that’s bound to be one of the year’s goofier deals: The Humane Society For Seattle/King County’s $1 Off Per Pound Chubby Cat Discount.

Essentially, if you adopt a chubby cat this month, you’ll get a discount on adoption fees that will be equal to $1 off per pound of the kitty’s weight. The cat must be at least a year old to qualify for this special.

That isn’t the only adoption deal going this month, however.

Apparently, there are no fees on all critters adopted this week (Jan 12th-18th).

At the same time, specially selected cats are eligible for the 30 First Dates promotion where you can do a 30-day trial adoption for free. If it works out, the fee is just $25.

BlueFriday_WebAd_0And, in a nod to the Seahawks’ playoff run and the 12th man, there’s the Blue Fridays promotion when you can “adopt your own MVP” for $12 off every Friday for the duration of the football season.

Hey, I don’t make ’em up. I just report ’em.

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