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Sweet Mickey’s Candy Store Launches 12 Days of Christmas Sale

December 15, 2014

logoThe Cheap Bastard continues his avoid mentioning big department store holiday sales, but can’t resist when an interesting small business holds a fun holiday sale with a cool gimmick. Like the 12 Days of Christmas Sale at Sweet Mickey’s candy store in Ballard.

The sale started a few days ago, so I won’t list all 12 days, but I’ll list the remaining specials including free fudge, free Seattle Chocolate Truffles and free frozen spin pops. And who doesn’t love free fudge?

Thanks to My Ballard:

  • Day Four (Dec 16) – Win a Gift Basket
  • Day Five (Dec 17)  – Free Jelly Belly Packet
  • Day Six (Dec 18) – Free Seattle Chocolate Truffle
  • Day Seven (Dec 19)  – Free Mickey Buck
  • Day Eight (Dec 20)  – Free Super Sour Candy Cane
  • Day Nine (Dec 21)  – Free Frozen Spin Pop
  • Day Ten (Dec 22) – Chocolate Santa
  • Day Eleven (Dec 23) – Free Frozen Candy Dispenser
  • Day Twelve (Dec 24) – Free Fudge
  • All I can say about this is, who doesn’t love free fudge or any other type of free stuff?
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