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Attention Holiday Shoppers: Find Cheap Parking Downtown

December 8, 2014

urlDon’t you hate driving around and around Downtown Seattle during the holiday shopping season looking for parking? Not just any parking, mind you, but parking that doesn’t require you to get alternative financing or sign away your first born?

Well, the Cheap Bastard has the answer. In fact, he mentioned it months ago, but thought it would be a great holiday gift for those of you who missed it.

Thanks to ongoing work on Seattle’s tunnel project (aka The Emerald City’s Big Dig), a number of garages stretching from Pioneer Square to Pike Place Market are currently offering rates as little as $3 per hour for short term parking, which is a heck of a lot less than you’d usually pay, even on the streets.

Here’s a quick list of just some of the garages that are participating in the program:

Public Market Garage, Pine Street and Western Ave
Hillclimb Court Garage, 1422 Alaskan Way
Watermark Tower Garage, Western Avenue and Seneca Street
First and Columbia Garage, I’ll let you guess where this one is located
Butler Garage, 2nd Avenue and James Street
Stadium Place Garage, 530 Occidental Avenue

What makes this deal even better is you don’t have to wait until you get into a particular garage and drive around and around only to find out there aren’t any spaces. You can go to a website that will tell you where the garages are and how many spaces are available.

And who knows? You might just save enough money to buy several copies of my great book, “The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Seattle,” which happens to make a great holiday gift for friends or a great post-holiday buying survival guide for you.

If you’re interested, I have lots of copies and I’d be happy to sell them…or you could buy them at many local bookstores.

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