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Goldstar: See Up To 18 Shows At ACT For Just $45

December 4, 2014

ACTPass_ACTPassMembership_4Sounds like a crazy deal, doesn’t it? Almost too good to be true, huh? Well, it’s not.

Right now, Goldstar is selling a 3-Month ACT Pass for A Contemporary Theatre in Downtown Seattle for just $45. The great thing about having an ACT Pass is that you can see almost every show ACT does for just the cost of the pass. So, if you want to go see a Mainstage show, you can do it without paying extra. You can also see the company’s cutting edge Central Heating Lab shows, get half price passes for a friend, get invited to quarterly receptions and even have access to discounts at local businesses all for the cost of the card.

The pass normally costs $90, but if you buy it through Goldstar, you can get it for $45 (plus a small service charge).

The only restriction that I know of on the ACT pass is that you can only see 6 shows a month, which means if you have the time, you’ll be able to see 18 shows over the life of the three-month pass. Considering that a single adult ticket to the current production of Ham For the Holidays is $28 (and many tickets sell for far more), that’s a steal!

Just try to see 18 shows over 3 months at ACT by buying single tickets for $45. Go ahead, I dare you.

It can’t be done.

But it can be if you have the ACT Pass.

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