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You’ll Never Guess What I Did on My Summer Vacation

September 5, 2014

tomatoboy pictureI went to Spain and took part in La Tomatina, the world’s biggest tomato fight. This was the year of one of those big, milestone birthdays and I had been promising myself that I would go to Tomatina when I had the year of my big birthday…and I actually did, much to the shock of a number of people including some family members and even myself.

It’s hard to believe I returned just last week. I’ve been working on a funny blog about the trip and will be putting up posts, pictures and videos mid-next week as time permits.

Why should you check it out? Not only because you’ll see some fun photos of beautiful San Sebastian, Seville, Valencia and Barcelona, but also because you’ll see photos of me covered in tomatoes.

And who doesn’t love seeing a favorite goofball getting a well-deserved come-uppance?

While overseas, I thought a lot about travel and this blog and I’ll be blogging about the lessons learned in the coming weeks. Even though the trip wasn’t cheap, I was able to afford it because I had a lot set aside and because I’d saved over the years.

I’ll also be looking at how I’ve been doing what I do and making changes along the way.

So, no, I didn’t walk away from the blog, I was working on that project I told you about. And that project just happened to be a big vacation.

While there, I also interviewed a University of Puget Sound grad who is working in a one-star Michelin restaurant for an alumni magazine and visited the first Costco to open in Spain (in Seville) for a possible story for a local business magazine and that may help me cover some of the cost of the trip.

Once a Cheap Bastard, always a cheap bastard.

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