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Half Price Books: Even Cheaper Reads At Its New Outlet (In Olympia)

August 22, 2014

UnknownAs if Half Price Books weren’t already a heck of a deal to begin with, the geniuses at HPB have come up with an even better way for you to get a deal on a used book–a Half Price Books Outlet.

Sure, it’s in Olympia, but it could be a great place to stop if you’re heading south on a road trip anyway, need a place to stretch your legs and want a great summer read (or a read for any season). Books and all of the items you love to buy at HPB start at 50 cents and most go for $10 or less. Not only that, but all pocket-size, mass market paperbacks are 25 cents every Tuesday.

If Half Price Books is a deal and the outlet is a deal on top of a deal, then you’ll even get a chance to get a deal on top of a double deal Monday August. 28- Sept. 1 when everything in the outlet will be an additional 20 percent off as part of its storewide sale.

Just the the thought of all this triple dealing is making my head spin.

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