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Another Rainy Day Freebie: Lego Build @Math ‘N’ Stuff

July 23, 2014

My son built this pirate! Shiver me timbers!

My son built this pirate! Shiver me timbers!

Here’s another cool thing to do on this rainy day in Seattle. You can build a Lego Pirate at Math ‘N’ Stuff in North Seattle FOR FREE!

Sure, it’s great to go to builds at the Lego Store at Bellevue Square or Alderwood Mall, but they tend to be crowd scenes and they require standing in line for a really long time. Not so here. My son waltzed in at 10 this morning and was done building within 15 minutes. The only other difference between a Lego Store build and Math ‘N’ Stuff is that it’s a do-it-yourself affair here. If you need help, the folks at the store can provide it. Just ask.

This is the second of three such events at the store this summer. The next is planned for August 27th.

I’m told if the store gets enough interest, it could become a regular event.

So, why not show this little independent business some Lego love today and stop on by? When I spoke to them on the phone at 11:30, there were still plenty of Lego Pirates waiting to be built. The pirates are there for the building until 6 p.m. or the supply runs out. (You may want to call before you go.)

Math ‘N’ Stuff is located at 8926 Roosevelt Way NE.

Did I mention this event is free?

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