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King County United Way To Serve Free Meals for Kids This Summer

June 20, 2014


With all this discussion of things you can do, see or eat for free this summer, it’s easy to forget that there are kids who won’t be eating without a little bit of assistance now that school is out. Those are the 100,000 or so children in King County who won’t be getting the free or low cost lunches they got while they were in school. 

Fortunately, the United Way of King County has launched its One Million Meals campaign to make sure those kids will have something to eat this summer by serving free meals at sites throughout the county to kids up to the age of 18. No identification or registration is required. And, as my kids and I discovered last summer when we visited a park that turned out to be one of those sites, there are often games and activities offered. 

In fact, my kids love crafts and they headed for a craft table without ever realizing that it was part of a free lunch program. Neither they nor I could understand why the people who were running the table kept asking if they wanted something to eat until I finally realized what was going on. That’s how subtle the program is. And that’s a nice thing. While my kids didn’t get anything to eat, I appreciated the fact that kids who needed the food could get it without being reminded that they couldn’t afford what they needed. 

If you are in need or know someone who is, please pass along this link that lists the places kids can go around the state to get something to eat this summer. 


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