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Beth’s Celebrates 60th Anniversary With 50’s Prices

June 5, 2014

thThe home to late night party people, greasy spoon lovers, late shift workers, midnight snackers and lovers of classic Seattle places, Beth’s Cafe, has been celebrating its 60th anniversary all week including a week-long drawing contest and a 50’s themed party on at 8:30 pm on Saturday night.

But the real news of note for cheap bastards at the home to the 12-egg omelette served on a raft of hash browns is the special menu insert that features food at 1950’s prices. There’s a different deal every day. Although the best one was Tuesday’s biscuits and gravy for $2.50. Here’s what’s coming up for the rest of the week:

Thursday–Mini Time Warp Breakfast: one egg, hash browns, toast and two sausage, $4.50
Friday — Any regular soda, 60 cents
Saturday–Cup of Chili, 60 cents
Sunday–Amish Friendship Bread, 60 cents.

Thanks to Chelsea Asplund of Seattle Greenlaker.

And, in case you were wondering, here’s what a 12 egg omelette looks like:


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