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Goldstar Comptrain: Get (Mostly) Free Tickets to Cool Events

May 29, 2014

headerFor the second time this year, the discount ticket site, Goldstar, is giving away free tickets to a number of cool events in Seattle and throughout the country for anyone who has an account and knows how to move fast enough to “buy” a comp ticket for one of those free events. Such events include everything from plays and music to stand-up comedy and international gem shows.

A quick look at the Goldstar’s Seattle Comptrain page shows that events that currently have comp tickets include the Bellevue Jazz Festival’s performance of “Bill Frisell’s Beautiful Dreamers” (7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 31), spymaster Jack Devine’s discussion of life inside the CIA (June 9), a performance of soprano Mary Mackenzie (June 24), Unexpected Productions performance of “I Saw U” (Friday May 30 and June 20) and a concert by Jack “Theme Song from Love Boat” Jones (Wednesday, June 11th). 

Although the tickets are free, it’s worth noting that you’ll still PAY A SERVICE CHARGE which could range from $3 to $9, but considering that many of the ticket prices start around $10 and go from there, it’s definitely a good deal. 

So, why are you still staring at this post? Get out and grab a ticket before somebody gets the last one for the event you really wanted to attend. 

Thanks to Thrifty NW Mom

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