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Bing Rewards: Earn Prizes When You Do Computer Searches

May 28, 2014

images-2Let’s face it, Microsoft understands that Google is on top of the heap when it comes to search engines. After all, when someone needs to research an issue on their computer, they don’t say, “I’ll just Bing that.” Nope, they say, “I’ll just Google that.”

Since Microsoft’s Bing hasn’t been able to earn your respect, it’s decided to buy your love by rewarding you for doing your internet searches on…Bing. Bing Rewards doesn’t give rewards for every search, mind you. Instead, you earn points on a random basis for typing in search terms and getting a result. You can also get points by trying out new Bing features or responding to daily offers. And once you’ve amassed enough points you can cash them in for gift cards, subscriptions, Microsoft discounts and other cool stuff.

It may take a while to earn those rewards, though. A $3 Amazon gift card is 340 points, a $5 Starbucks card goes for 525 points and a one month Xbox Live Gold membership is 699 points.

It’s kind of like SwagBucks where you get points for doing searches and other activities, but with a key difference. Unlike Swagbucks, Bing’s search engine actually gives you results that make sense and that you can actually use.

Best of all, signing up is easy. You can join on your computer by using your web browser to cruise over to Bing Rewards, then use your Microsoft account or your Facebook ID to sign up. If you’re using a mobile phone, you can go to and sign up there.

And you get 25 points just for signing up.

Now all you’ll have to is remember to use Bing instead of Google.

Yes, I know. It’s easy to say, but harder to do….

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