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Park Cheap in Downtown Seattle

May 5, 2014

Unknown-1It used to be that there was plenty of street parking downtown and every person had his or her favorite place to park, often unmetered. Well, unmetered parking seems to be a thing of the past and, thanks to the tunnel project, it seems that on-street parking is, too.

Fear not, parking penny-pinchers. It’s still possible to park for $3 an hour for up to four hours at a number of garages around Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square. Not only that, but there’s a website that takes some of the guesswork out of finding parking spaces in those garages.

Not only does tell you where the cheap garages are, but it also tells you how many parking spaces are available in the garage…in most cases.

In case you were wondering, the $3 garages include:
Public Market Garage, Pine Street and Western Ave
Hillclimb Court Garage, 1422 Alaskan Way
Watermark Tower Garage, Western Avenue and Seneca Street
First and Columbia Garage, I’ll let you guess where this one is located
Butler Garage, 2nd Avenue and James Street
Stadium Place Garage, 530 Occidental Avenue

The deals are part of an effort to mitigate parking loss due to the tunnel project and the discount prices are expected to last at least through the end of 2015.

A few other things worth noting:

A number of waterfront parking garages will offer free parking on Mother’s Day (more on that later in the week).

Although some of these garages change their rate structure in the evening or on weekends, the changes often result in bigger changes. For example, one garage charges $5 all evening instead of $3 and hour.

Parking is free in most of these garages during the First Thursday Gallery Walk

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