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Save Grocery Money By Doing It Yourself

February 26, 2014

Yes, we all know that if we change our own oil or tackle small projects around the house ourselves instead of hiring an expert to do it, we’ll save money. But have you ever stopped to consider how much you could save by taking the same approach to grocery shopping?

I’ve known this lesson for years. That’s why I’d rather spend the $1.99 it costs to get a small pineapple at Fred Meyer this week (no, this isn’t product placement, it’s just a price I happen to remember from shopping earlier today) and go through the hassle of cutting myself than spending $3 to get the same amount pre-cut in a nice container. Sure, it may take a little longer and not look as pretty as the pre-cut stuff, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper.

Yes, you could get a store-bought tuna salad sandwich with a small smear of tuna salad on it for $4 or you could buy a can of tuna and some celery then get some mayo from the fridge and make salad for a fraction of the cost and still have enough left over for two or three more sandwiches.

I stumbled across the example that brought it all home to me occurred a few weeks back when I saw a box of Carnation Instant Breakfast on a shelf at QFC sitting next to a six pack of pre-mixed instant breakfast drink.

The first question that occurred to me was, how lazy do you have to be to not be willing to mix an instant drink?

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself how lazy you have to be to not want to make an instant drink yourself. While I don’t know the answer to that question, I can tell you that you probably aren’t all that thrifty. The day I checked prices, the box of 10 envelopes of instant breakfast drink powder was $5.69 (.57 cents each) while the four pack of 8-ounce bottles were on sale for just $7.99 (or $2 a bottle).

I’m just sayin’….

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