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Make Reservations Now for Dine Around Seattle

February 24, 2014

1518337_10152572452944698_144264320_o-1The $30 three course dinners at some of Seattle’s top restaurants are about to make a comeback thanks to Dine Around Seattle…and it’s going to start sooner than you think.

In fact, the event that allows you to get $30 dinners (and $15 lunches in some cases) at places like The Barking Frog, Eva, Stumbling Goat Bistro and Monsoon starts this Sunday.

The semi-annual foodie extravaganza runs Sunday through Thursday March 2-27 and includes 60 of the city’s top restaurants. Sure, that may seem like plenty of time to get to try a favorite new place, but don’t forget there’s lots of competition for a limited number of seats and they will go fast. Of course, reservations are not required at any of the participating restaurants, but they are recommended…and why take chances?

To reserve, either call your chosen restaurant directly or use the Open Table links on the Dine Around Seattle website.


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