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2 Deals, 1 Night: Burger BOGO and Cheap Bastard Reading

January 28, 2014


It isn’t often that the Cheap Bastard does a reading on the same night as a really great deal, but tonight is one of them. As I’ve mentioned before, all locations of Dicks Drive-in Restaurant are doing a buy one regular burger, get one free deal today from 2 to 6 p.m.

And the Wallingford Dicks just happens to be down the street from Wide World Travel where I’ll be doing a reading tonight for my book “The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Seattle” at 7 p.m. Oddly enough, part of the talk will focus on cheap eats….and twelfth man deals. As always, the reading is free and it shows you how to save money on a whole bunch of stuff.

So, why not grab a couple of burgers at Dicks (don’t forget, there will be a line so you’ll want to allow plenty of time), eat, then make your way over to Wide World where I’ll show you how to keep the savings going…all year long.

And don’t forget, the people with the top two cheap bastard deals (as selected by the audience) will win a wonderfully kitschy prize.

Wide World Travel is at 4411 Wallingford Ave. N.

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