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$10 for $20 voucher on Goldstar.

January 27, 2014

Unknown-7Although the Cheap Bastard has not yet used Goldstar, he loves the service that allows you to get up to half (sometime better) off the price of all sorts of plays, sports, shows and really cool conferences. He even mentioned it in his book “The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Seattle.”

Thanks to an Amazon Local deal where you pay $10 for a $20 Goldstar voucher, you can make Goldstar an even better deal.

If that sounds a little confusing, here’s the way it works. You spend $10 on the Amazon deal and then you get what’s essentially a gift certificate worth $20 on Goldstar. So, if you were planning on seeing Spamalot at the 5th Avenue Theater where Goldstar tickets start at $32.88, you could get a ticket for as little as $22.88 (plus service charge). Heck, that’s enough to make even the Knights That Say, “Ni!” stand up and take notice…if only they weren’t so worried about shrubbery.

The deal is available for the next nine days. There’s a limit of one voucher per purchaser and 1 gift purchase. If you buy a ticket that costs more than $20, you’re responsible for the balance. It’s available for use as soon as you purchase it, but it expires on August 6.

Thanks to The Coupon Project.

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