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Glassy Baby Seconds Sale on Saturday

January 22, 2014

gb_dark_multi_lit-glassybabyGlassybaby will have its highly popular annual Seconds Sale at its Madrona studio starting at 8 am this Saturday. If what Seattle Met’s Style and Shopping blog says is to be believed votives and drinkers with minor imperfections will be on sale for $28 and $35 respectively (the regular prices are $44 and $55), so it’s a pretty good deal for people who like that sort of thing.

The sale may start early in the morning, but apparently, you’ll want to get there even earlier. A lot earlier. Seattle Met says to expect “day-after-Thanksgiving caliber madness,” so the CB is guessing a good time to show up for the line would be…yesterday.

Of course, if you don’t like getting up in the wee hours, you could go to Glassybaby’s Facebook page and enter a drawing to win the first spot in line.

The Cheap Bastard admits he still doesn’t get it. Yes, Glassybaby does make pretty holders for votive candles and a portion of the proceeds go to charity, but they just don’t speak to him.

Oh, well. Enjoy the day.

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