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Get a Year Sunday Seattle Times Subscription for $30

January 21, 2014

images-1Wouldn’t you love to get a year-long subscription to the Seattle Times for free? Thanks to this Groupon deal you can come pretty close to it by getting a 52-week subscription for just $30 (or $20 for 26 weeks). When you add in all the Sunday ads and coupons you get in each week’s paper, it’s a subscription that could easily pay for itself…even if you only end up redeeming $1 worth of coupons every week.

How good a deal is it?

If you were to go to the newsstand and buy a Sunday paper every week for the cover price of $2.50 and you’d spend $130. Subscribe and you’d pay around $103. And that doesn’t even include the 7-day access you’d get to the Times’ pay Website, which costs around, what, $16 a month. Add that and you’re saving an additional $192.

So, what are you waiting for? The deal is good for a limited time.

Thanks to alert reader CK.

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