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Starbucks: Free Taste Tests, $2 Lattes and 12 Cent Drip Coffees

January 16, 2014

Unknown-5The Cheap Bastard stayed up until 2 working on a chirpy little story about suicide and had to get up at 5:50 to wake the kids for school, so he needs his fix of caffeine and it appears that Starbucks is more than happy to oblige with three quick deals.

Deal 1. TAKE THE VIA CHALLENGE. Now that charbucks has introduced lattes to its line of Via Instant Coffee drinks, participating stores are holding free taste tests today through the 19th. Not only will you be able to do a free taste test of, say, the new Via Mocha, you’ll try it alongside a sample of Starbucks regular, barista-prepared mocha latte. If you guess which one is the handcrafted drink, you’ll get $1 off your favorite latte. At least that’s the CB’s understanding. Either that or you’ll get $1 off just for participating. I’m not sure based on the way it’s written and, at this point, I’m just too tired to care.

Deal 2. $2 GRANDE LATTES (FOR SOME). Some lucky members of Safeway’s loyalty program, JustForU, have a treat waiting for them: a coupon for $2 grande latte at participating Safeway Starbucks stores. The best way to find it is to click on personalized deals and then look under the deli section. If you’ve got it, you’ve got two reasons to cheer. The first reason: once you add it to your card, it’s good through Feb. 2nd and it even works for the new caramel flan lattes. The second reason: You can stretch the deal even further today if you try the Via taste test and get the $1 off coupon, you’ll be able to get your latte for just $1.

qn4jbX9N-1733-1733Deal 3: 12 CENT DRIP COFFEE ON BLUE FRIDAY. In celebration of the Seattle Seahawks playing in the NFC championship on Sunday, participating area Starbucks will be offering 12 ounce cups of brewed coffee for just 12 cents all day Friday to folks wearing Seahawks colors. The deal is supposed to be good at all company owned stores and “participating licensed stores.” Heck, if you can find a Safeway Starbucks location that’s participating tomorrow, you could probably cash in on all three deals.

Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering, the 12 cent coffee deal is DEFINITELY NOT AVAILABLE IN SAN FRANCISCO STORES. Go figure.

Take that, Peets.

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