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Old Spaghetti Factory: Get Dinner for $4-$5

January 13, 2014


A complete dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory for just $4 or $5? Really? What’s the catch?

Well, surprisingly, there isn’t one, really, except that it’s only available today (1/13), tomorrow and next Monday and Tuesday as the Old Spaghetti Factory celebrates its 45 anniversary at participating locations across the chain. Oh, and you have to order from a special anniversary menu.

When the CB says it’s a complete dinner, though, he means a complete dinner including a main dish (Surprise! you have your choice of spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti and more spaghetti. Go figure), fresh baked bread, soup or a green salad and Spumoni or vanilla ice cream for dessert.

If my experience in Victoria, BC is any indicator, it’s too bad that the food isn’t better, but it’s not bad, the service is fast and kids love it. Heck, we’re even considering taking our kids out for this one. Even though they’ve been restaurant-challenged as of late, the service was stupid fast and if we have to leave early, we’re not out a lot of money.

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