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Hang With The Bastard on Saturday at Couth Buzzard

November 27, 2013


Are you tired of shopping yet? What about now? How about now? Yes, the Cheap Bastard knows that Black Friday isn’t until….well…Friday, but he’s pretty sure your feelings about shopping will have changed by Saturday. Not only will you be so over shopping by then…at least for a few hours, anyway…but you’ll probably be itching for a place to hang out and avoid the throngs at the malls. 

So, why not take some time out between 4 to 6 pm and stop on by Couth Buzzard Books (8310 Greenwood Ave. N) where you can celebrate Small Business Saturday and chat with the Cheap Bastard about ways to save this holiday season and all year round? Instead of a full-fledged author reading, it will be an informal chance to meet the author, talk deals, ask the questions you would have been afraid to ask in a crowd and even buy the new edition of “The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Seattle” and get it signed. 

The visit may not only be a good chance to blow off steam from shopping, it may also be the perfect chance to buy all the gifts you need for your entire holiday list. After all, what better gift can you give to your favorite folks than a funny book that shows them how to save money on plays, movies, music, restaurants, haircuts, massages, museums and other stuff all year long? 

And it’s just $16.95!

Heck, I’ll bet you’ll save that much when you get tickets from the Seattle Public Library to go to the Aquarium or the EMP for free. And you can find the details for that deal on page 232. 

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