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Bumbershoot’s Screaming Good Halloween Deal

October 29, 2013

LOOaRJzYes, the Cheap Bastard knows that so many of us are so tied up with figuring out what our Halloween costume is going to be that Labor Day and the Bumbershoot music festival aren’t even on our radar screens and probably wouldn’t be for months to come…if it weren’t for this eerily good deal that festival organizers have dreamt up. 

The festival has put a limited supply of three-day passes for the event on sale for $93 each ($31 a day), which is a massive savings over the regular price of $196.80. There are also discounts on the Gold 3-Day Pass and the Platinum 3-Day Pass, but the savings aren’t quite as good. Not only that, but there are no additional fees to buy the regular 3-day pass, but there are service fees for the other deals. 

You’ll have to act fast if you want in on this Halloween deal because it was posted at 11 a.m. Tuesday and there are only 2,000 passes available. 

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