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Red Robin: Get Free Tavern Double Burger and Fries (w/purchase) Following Seahawks Touchdown

October 15, 2013

Unknown-2Every time the Seattle Seahawks score a red zone touchdown on Sunday, Red Robin offers a free Tavern Double Burger and bottomless steak fries with the purchase of two drinks and any burger, entree or salad entree the Tuesday after the game. Since the Seahawks did indeed score this weekend, the deal is good today. 

The only issue the Cheap Bastard has with this deal is the whole issue of the bottomless fries. The CB wants to know what happened to their bottoms. How do they sit? If they don’t have a bottom, where do they end? Are you served one continuous steak fry? Or does the container they are in not have a bottom? And if the container doesn’t have a bottom, how does your server get them to your table? Do you have to worry about them falling to the floor and getting picked up again? Does the server have to keep his or her hand under the fries to make sure they don’t fall? The CB is definitely not into having other people touch his food. 

Perhaps we should appoint a blue ribbon panel to investigate this weighty issue. 

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