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Krispy Kreme: Shiver Me Timbers, There Be Free Donuts on Thursday

September 16, 2013

1238172_10151824570106001_1841532160_nThe real treasure during Talk Like A Pirate Day later this week won’t be buried in Davey Jones Locker at the bottom of the sea. It will be at your participating local Krispy Kreme on Thursday, 19th where they be giving away a free donut to any scurvy dog who comes in and says “Arggh,” “Ahoy” or any of a thousand other pirate phrases, but if you really want some real booty, you’ll have to work for it. 

You’ll have to dress up as a pirate and you’ll get a free dozen glazed donuts. 

The land-lubbering donut makers have even composed a handy list of items that will you help you make off with the bigger booty that if you eat it all by yourself will make your booty bigger. In order to qualify for the free donuts, you have to be sporting three of the following things: a pirate hat, bandana, eye patch, costume hook, pirate shirt, peg leg, parrot and/or knickers.

Interestingly, the CB notes that the company does not say where you have to be wearing any of the said items, so he supposes you could probably go in wearing an eye patch on your eye, a peg leg on your arm and knickers on your head.

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