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Whole Foods: Whole Chicken Half Off (August 23 only)

August 23, 2013

Roasted Chicken

Yes, the CB is late posting, but what do you want? He just got back from vacation and he celebrated his return by going out and getting a colonoscopy.

Woohoo! What a party!

Of course, the nice thing about starting your day out with a colonoscopy is that you know it can only get better from there. 

Regardless, if you still have an appetite left (and you know I do after a day of a clear liquid diet) and you’re wondering what to make for dinner, Whole Foods has a great deal: Whole roasted chicken for $5. 

And it’s not just any chicken. The birds are locally raised without anti-biotics or growth hormones. 

Oh, and the price is half off the regular $10 price tag. 

The only thing that puzzles the CB is the fine print on the deal. Look closely at the graphic and you’ll see what I mean: Sale applies only to items in the Whole Body department. Excludes nutrition bars and sports bars. One day only. While suppplies last. No rain checks. No case discounts.”

Um….when did Whole Foods start selling chicken nutrition bars and chicken sports bars? 


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