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See Free Movies, Get Beer Tonight in Gas Works Park

July 26, 2013


It’s almost Friday night, you’re looking for something to do and you’re getting tired of the old fallback of going to a movie (with or without friends) and paying inflated prices to see something that you could easily see on dvd in a couple of months?

Why not go outside and see free movies with a side of beer?

The Clips Beer and Film Tour is hitting Gas Works Park this evening (Friday, July 26) and will feature not just one or two films, but a whole bunch of short films (free) and 3 ounce samples or one 12 ounce pour of Lips of Faith beer (not free). And how often do you get to get so much entertainment for free along with a few tasty beverages?

After all, you can go see those summer blockbusters any time, but you can’t hang out in the park, drink beer, watch movies and maybe even win a free bike just any time.

Event open to all 21 and over. Movies start at sunset. All funds from sale of beer go to the Nature Conservancy.

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