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Entertainment Books for $5.99 (plus $1 shipping)

July 24, 2013


Yes, the Cheap Bastard realizes that it’s late July and he also knows that the 2013 Entertainment book expires in October, but here are two reasons to think about taking advantage of the Entertainment Book Liquidation Sale buying the current Entertainment Book for under $7. 

1. Save on your vacation. If your vacation is in mid or late August, you still have time to order the book and save on things in the city you’re planning on visiting. Heck, if you use the coupons on McDonald’s alone, you’ve already recovered most of the cost. Add a few local attractions and you’ve completely recovered your investment and then some. 

2. Quick Return on Your Investment. The CB may not have used its book much this year, but it’s already recovered the $20 spent on it. There was the Buy One, Get One Free admission to the Woodland Park Zoo ($12.75), the Buy One, Get One Free Frapp at McDonalds ($4ish) and the coupon for Ivar’s that easily saved us another $5. That’s $21 with just three coupons. Not bad for $20. Even better for $6.99. 

But you’ll want to move fast. The deal expires on July 31st. 

Heck, the Cheap Bastard thought it was such a great deal that he just ordered one for his summer vacation destination.

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