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Star Trek Freebie–Get Comp Passes To Star Trek Convention–SOLD OUT

July 22, 2013


The Cheap Bastard isn’t quite sure whether this is an indication of generosity on the part of the organizers (and Goldstar) or evidence of desperate concerns over low turn-out, but Goldstar is currently offering comp tickets to the Star Trek Seattle Convention on August 24th and 25th. 

No matter what the reason, that represents a savings of $35 a day or up to $70 for both days, if you can get the tickets. That’s one of the small catches with this offer. Based on his read of the offer, the deal is good today only (7/22). Even if it isn’t, the CB would expect the general admission passes to go pretty quickly. 

The other catch? Although the passes are free, there may be a small matter of a service charge. Goldstar typically has some sort of service charge, even for free tickets, but what’s a $1 or $2 when you’re saving up to $35 a day?

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