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Kids Eat for 99 Cents at Old Country Buffet Every Night This Month

July 9, 2013


Years ago, when the Cheap Bastard did public relations work for a local non-profit agency, the head of the sports program would occasionally send out a cryptic message proclaiming that it was time to have a Country Club meeting. And suddenly, the CB would see a bunch of people stop what they were doing, leave their desks, head out the door and drive off. 

What made this behavior especially puzzling was that there was no country club anywhere near where he worked. 

It didn’t take long for him to figure it out, though. Not because he was all that smart, mind you, but because the guy who sent out the message invited him to join the club.

Turns out it wasn’t a golf club, a golf course watering hole or anything near that expensive. Instead, it was an excuse to get lunch at the Old Country Buffet and stuff ourselves silly for a ridiculously inexpensive price.

This month, the price has gotten even cheaper. That’s because the Old Country has a deal where kids eat free every night in July for just 99 cents. As if that weren’t enough, participating locations will also have a bit of entertainment for the younger set including balloons, cotton candy and other activities with a summer-theme. 

There are a few catches, though. It’s only from 5 to 8 p.m. and it’s only for kids 11 and under. Not only that, but the Cheap Bastard understands that it doesn’t mean parents can pay 99 cents once and have them eat all month long on that one payment. No, apparently, you have to pay each time you visit. (It’s a joke. The CB is JUST JOKING!) 

On the plus side, if you are in the military, belong to the AAA or are a senior citizen (hint hint grandmoms and grandads) you can save even more with additional discounts. 

Thanks to Thrifty Northwest Mom.

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