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Two Great Ways to Escape the Heat and Save

July 3, 2013

summernights-headerThe kids are still asleep and we haven’t yet started to feel the heat of the day, yet, so what better time to talk about keeping cool in the midst of this heat wave. Now, the Cheap Bastard could go on and on about how much Northwesterners complain about how cold it is in summer until it actually, finally gets warm, but he’d rather talk bargains. And here are two of his current favorites:

BEN AND JERRY BOGO–Now through the end of the month, participating Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops have a coupon deal for a buy one cone, get one free deal. You’re supposed to be a ChunkSpelunker to get the coupon. So, hurry up and join already. Registration is free.

CHILL OUT WITH CHEAP MOVIES–Two national theater chains are offering cheap movies on select days throughout the summer that will give you a few hours of respite from the heat. The best deal is Regal Cinemas Summer Movie Express not only because the movies are $1, but also because they start around 10 a.m. just as the temperatures are starting to climb. The movies are all PG and G rated because they are designed to appeal to kids, but they’re open to anyone who wants to attend. The catch here is that the movies are only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for nine weeks during the summer and tickets are on a first come, first-served basis. For details on what movies are showing on which day, visit the Regal Web site.

If you have an actual job and can’t make it to a morning movie, participating AMC theaters are running a series of $3 movie nights to benefit the Autism Society. The catch here is that the movies are all at 10 pm and they’re only available Sunday through Tuesday, but they’re all fairly recent releases. Today, July 3rd, for example, you can see Django Unchained. Other movies include The Hunger Games, Olympus Has Fallen and Oblivion. For more details, see the AMC Web site.

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