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Field Report: Free Popcorn Day at KuKuRuZa

June 4, 2013


When the CB got a facebook message from the spokesperson for KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn last week informing him of Free Popcorn Day on Sunday, he received it with joy and a bit of cynicism.

Joy because he always likes to spread word of free things. It’s his job. 

Cynicism because, well, he’s always felt that popcorn is popcorn. Other than Kettle Corn, KettleHR_mediumwhich is good, there’s really not much more you can do to it….other than pour on a few artificial flavors, which are usually cloyingly sweet. And that says a lot coming from a man with as big a sweet tooth as the CB.

Still, he had the free time with his son on Sunday because his daughter and wife were at a birthday party, so he went to check it out not really expecting all that much. 

OMG is that stuff good. 

The store was sampling a Jalapeno White Cheddar JalapenoHR_mediumthat was good and the wild huckleberryWild_Huckleberry_medium was pretty good, too. His son wanted Classic Caramel,CaramelHR_medium so he got a bag of that and tried a piece and it was quite good, too.

Then, he ordered the cinnamon bun flavor. CinnamonHR_medium

The CB won’t pretend that the skies opened and the angels began to sing when he had his first taste. No, that would be a bit of an exaggeration. Just a bit. But he was definitely shocked that flavored popcorn could be that good. When his son tried it, he wished he had ordered it, too. His wife (whatever you do, don’t call her Mrs. Bastard) loved it, too. Although she wished he had gotten a bag for her (it did say “one per person,” honey).

His daughter had no opinion because she preferred the caramel. 

The key question is: would he buy it? 

The answer is yes, but only when he wanted to splurge. If he recalls correctly, a small is around $3 a bag, which is actually comparable to movie popcorn prices. So, if he planned ahead, he could see himself getting something at KuKuRuZa, but the CB generally doesn’t plan that far ahead. 

Still, it’s great stuff and he would highly recommend it. 

Not only that, but the company spokesman told the CB that KuKuRuZa does own another popcorn company in Bellevue that offers the same product and has specials on Tuesdays. He didn’t get the name, however, because the company will be changing its name to KuKuRuZa by August. 

The spokesperson also told him that KuKuRuZa plans a similar event for the 5th anniversary of its flagship location downtown some time in November. He’ll post more details when he gets them.

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