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DabbleLab’s Cool Free Classes End Soon

June 3, 2013

ImageAlthough the CB heard about DabbleLab’s cool classes last month, it took a while for him to track down enough information to write about them. Turns out they’ll only be going on for about two more weeks, but it’s still worth mentioning because even the classes that are left are still pretty interesting. 

Tonight, for example, there will be a class on Global Flyfishing Opportunities that runs from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and there will be a similar class about local flyfishing opportunities on Wednesday. Other offerings include a class on Basic Electronics and Circuit Building on Tuesday night, How to Make Spring Rolls at noon on the 12th, A Localvore’s Guide to a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle (11:30, 6/13), Exquisite Corpse (whatever that is, noon 6/14), Vera Project Screen Printing (noon, 5/18), Chicken Wrangling (11:30, 5/19) and The Aesthetically Pleasing Urban Farm (11:30, 5/20).

The best part is, they’re all free. You do have to get a ticket through Brown Paper Tickets, however, but there’s no service charge. Space is limited, though. So, if any of these subjects interest you, move fast. 

All of the classes are held at DabbleLab’s temporary storefront at Olson Kundig Architects, 406 Occidental Ave. S. 

Students of history may be interested to know that DabbleLab was inspired in part by the Chataqua movement and Circuit Chataqua, which centered around bringing entertainment and education to rural communities through short-term events that featured teachers, philosophers, musicians and artisans. It’s a cool concept and I just wish that DabbleLab was going to be around just a little bit longer. 



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