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From The Don’t Believe Everything You Read Department: Um….Really?

May 29, 2013

img147So, the Cheap Bastard was surprised today when his son’s school bus was so late that he decided to call the school to find out what gives and learned that today was a teacher training day.

Really? Today? The day after the Memorial Day weekend? You have got to be kidding…

The initial plan was to take his son to the Once Sold Tales sale down in Kent, but then he heard that the Seattle Aquarium was going to have naturalists at Carkeek Park. So, he decided to take his boy there instead.

He finished off a day getting dirty on the beach with what he considered an award-winning-moment in parenting by taking him for an ice cream treat at Grocery Outlet. He bought his son a Haagen Dazs Vanilla Raspberry Bar for 99 cents and he got an Airheads Popsicle for 20 cents and a canned coffee drink for 50 cents for himself and then they sat and ate their treats in the tailgate of his Subaru Outback. He was feeling pretty pleased with himself for doing it all for less than $2.

And he was even more pleased when he looked at his receipt and saw he save $12.59…..


Say what?

The CB has always suspected there was a bit of puffery on the Grocery Outlet shelf tags that tell you how much you save over buying the product at other stores, but this one took the cake (which, fortunately was available for $30 less than the same cake in another grocery store, no doubt).

The Cheap Bastard doesn’t know where the folks at Grocery Outlet do their shopping, but based on those prices he thinks they may want to start comparison shopping at a place that’s a little more reasonable. . . like Neiman Marcus.

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