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Small Coffee for 25 Cents At Burger King

February 19, 2013


So, the Cheap Bastard heard about this deal early this morning and had to go check it out before writing about it because the nearest BK happens to be on the way home from his route for taking his daughter to school and, yes, it’s true. You can get a small hot or iced coffee from participating Burger Kings for just 25 cents now through March 10th.

The deal is not supposed to include flavors or whipped cream, but the BK near 145th and 15th in North Seattle was actually including flavorings in its iced coffee.

As always, don’t forget to call before you go to your neighborhood BK, but if you’re an SJCS parent dropping your kid off or picking them up, the CB can tell you, this definitely works.

The CB had a Caramel Iced Coffee and it wasn’t bad. He’s not saying that Starbucks has anything to worry about, mind you, but it was at least worth a quarter. He’ll be trying out other flavors in the coming days.

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