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Yogurt-Land: If You Missed This, You Missed Out

February 5, 2013

DSC_2302The Cheap Bastard did something he never does yesterday. He turned going out for a deal into an outing with another family….sort of.

His daughter and a friend who she had a recent overnight with get out of school around 3ish anyway, so everyone decided to meet at Yogurt-Land. The only problem was that the CB was so close to the front of the line that they almost didn’t make it in time. In fact, he had to let people go in front of him while his son went to the bathroom at a nearby store.

The line moved fast, everyone had a great time and since it was free, we saved a lot of money.

How much money?

Both his kids got four ounces of yogurt, his wife got four and he created this 13 ounce tower pictured above.

At 30 cents an ounce that comes out to about $7.20.

The Cheap Bastard wishes to point out that he doesn’t usually eat that much yogurt even when it’s free. He just wanted to see how big a structure he could create. And, yes, he did eat every last bit of it. Root Beer Float and the Guava Grapefruit were his two favorite flavors.

And if you think the CB got a lot, you should look at some of these other creations.

Like this:



and even this:


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