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Free! Free! Free! Free! Yogurt-Land Yogurt 4 To 7 Today (2/4)

February 4, 2013


In case you missed last week’s last post, Yogurt-Land says today is National Yogurt Day and participating Yogurt-Land stores are offering free frozen yogurt from 4 to 7 pm local time today. 

When the CB called the U District Yogurtland he was told that the store and other local stores plan to give out a 5 ounce-sized cup and will give away as much as a customer can fit into it. When the CB went to that Yogurtland he left convinced that all of the UW students who participated were engineering or architectural marvels because they walked out with yogurt creations that defied gravity. It was great fun to watch it and the CB plans to attend again today with his kids (as always) and a few friends. The group hopes to get there early…perhaps right after school to stand in line. 

Two warnings before you go, though. 

1. If you aren’t planning on going to the Yogurtland in the U District, call your local shop and find out what its level of participation will be. Although the employee I spoke to said every shop does it the same, last year the CB heard that Bellevue only gave away the first three ounces and charged for the rest and that Wallingford had a different policy as well. 

2. No chairs. The employee the CB spoke to said the store will probably remove the tables and chairs tonight, so there won’t be anywhere to sit and eat. While that may be inconvenient, it will probably help people get in and out faster. And that’s a good thing, considering that they’re expecting 1,000 people in three hours.

I don’t know why, but all of this talk of free reminds me of an old Sting song, so I’ll leave that with you to start your week:

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