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Yogurt-land and Menchies: Free Yogurt Madness Next Week

January 31, 2013

home-slide-national-2013As alert reader Dana Neuts points out, Yogurtland and Menchies may not agree on when National Yogurt Day is, but one thing the CB thinks we can all agree on is how great free frozen yogurt is. And next week you’ll have two opportunities to get some thanks to the disagreement. And you won’t have to rush from place to place on the same day to get it.

Participating Yogurt-Land stores throughout the country are celebrating on Monday, Feb. 4 with free yogurt and toppings from 4 to 7 pm. Exactly how much will be free varies from store to store. At the University District store last year, it was whatever people could fit in the size of the cup they were given. The CB was told that the Bellevue store only gave away the first three ounces and charged for everything after that. So you’ll want to call to find out what’s what before you go.

Menchie’s is doing its giveaway on Wednesday, Feb. 6th. You’ll need a coupon for this one, though. You can get it by liking Menchie’s on its facebook page. The nice thing about this one is that it’s good all day so you might get lucky and avoid the lines. And it’s good for 6 ounces free. One coupon per person

The Cheap Bastard isn’t sure he could be more excited about freebies because these are so much fun. Just standing in line watching the creations people make is like a party. And that’s before you even get in the door.

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