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Banana Republic, The Final Installment and Other Deals

January 28, 2013

les misThose of you who have been following the CB for a while may recall the saga of his attempt to get two free vouchers for “Les Mis” from Banana Republic last year. Like the movie, the story had a happy ending last night when the CB and his wife (whatever you do, don’t call her Mrs. Bastard) celebrated their anniversary by seeing the movie for free, sort of.

Each voucher was good for up to $10 and the overall ticket price was $23, which meant that the CB had to pay $3…until the theater staffer asked if we had a Regal Card. Unbeknownst to the CB, his wife had one and the deal of the night was a free small popcorn ($3 value), which made up for the difference. The small bag was so small, however, that the CB allowed himself to be upsold into the next size up for just $1.

Which means that the CB ended up paying a grand total of $1 for the movie.

The Bastard couple also ended up having a small dinner at Tengu Sushi for around $11 and then ended up getting a 10 percent discount for having movie tickets.

And then they went to Jewel Cafe for a mocha and latte around $7, bringing the cost of the date (before babysitter) to around $20. Try beating that.

Here are a few more deals the CB discovered last night and along the way:

images-1Tengu Tix on the QT–It’s not an advertised special, but if you eat at Sushi Tengu in Thornton Place before seeing a movie there you can buy tickets for $2 less than you’d pay at the box office and you’ll also get 10% off your bill. Or show up after the movie and get 10% off your bill.

Get Happy at Mamma’s–The CB initially planned to go to happy hour at Mamma Melina’s before the movie, but his son and daughter had a meltdown as they were leaving. He stopped by to check it out on the way and was quite impressed with the selection. Most dishes were under $7, many closer to $5. Best of all, when we were there at 5:30 on a Sunday there was plenty of seating.

logoBest Deal of All–Two For One at Dicks on Tuesday–In celebration of its 59th birthday, the great Northwest burger purveyor, Dicks, is offering 2-for-1 burgers from 2 to 6:30 pm Tuesday. There’s a limit of three free burgers per customer. Thanks to Centsible in Seattle.

The CB would like to close by saying: Thanks, Banana Republic for a great date night.

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